Contemplate the hidden depths of ocean waters. Deep within, other forms of life and ancient treasures exist and slip away from our reach. Yet, even discovery of such treasures never guarantees an answer.

The mind is an ocean of infinite intelligence awaiting discovery. Somewhere deep within the depths of the mind, lives our world of dreams.

To me, dreams speak like poetry. It’s a form of art – somehow an extension of ourselves, free for us to explore.

Dreams can inspire action, reflect emotions and still not make sense. Whether it’s a nightmare, repetitive dream or undefined vision, the study of our dreams is a personal puzzle. It’s an individual exploration into our inner universe and beyond.

If a dream was a portrait, it would have no fixed frame.

Dreams seem to have symbols of  embedded meaning that continue to expand as you delve deeper. For this reason, I believe it helps to hear about personal stories to further inspire others to explore dreams with heightened awareness.

Albert Einstein, for example, developed his Theory Of Relativity from a very visual dream. He dreamed he was sledding so fast that he reached the speed of light and saw the stars change in appearance. Now if Einstein’s dream was a portrait, we would all look at it differently, and discover our own theory of personal relativity. In that moment, the world of dreams calls for a journey into the self.


To further anyone’s interests in dreaming, this blog shares my own dreaming experiences, what I learned from others and how I delved into lucid dreaming. In simple terms, lucid dreaming is when you know you are in a dream.

For anyone unfamiliar with lucid dreaming, I have a post called “Defining Lucid Dreaming”  under the Lucid Dreaming section of this blog. It shares more information and personal stories around this deeper realm of dreaming.

tour_guide_by_beyzayildirim77-d5fi3l1Otherwise, feel free to browse my curious discussions with fellow dreamers, my own personal dream recordings, examples of dream interpretations, tips for lucid dreamers and other cool stuff that I’ve learned from books, movies and dream recording. I’ll also recommend other sources that I found useful.

Until then, happy dream exploring !

Personal note:  Thank you to readers who have visited this blog or e-mailed me and shared their own dream explorations!

Special thanks to two wise teachers Sid Prince and Sylvia Tut who taught a lot about the power of imagination and encouraged conscious expansion!


-By Nikita King

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