Pyron’s Faith

A dream of warning

Decemeber 21, 2008

( Recording of a repeated dream)

Red streaks of light stretch into blue skies and blend.   Against the cool breeze, I feel the warmth of a sunset and stare off into a hidden horizon.

  Traveling along the ocean shore, I hold bad feelings from all this beauty.

The calm ocean current spreads red glitter of light across the shore. Yet, something about the scent of  its summery air is fresher than usual.  The warmth of the sun and the scattered  light across the ocean is just a little too  perfect.

The perfection hangs like a plastic painting.

A wooden table set for two appears in front of me. My eyes follow the edge of the table and someone stands at the opposite end.  Bleach blonde hair flows over her shoulders and highlights a mocha skin tone. Thick long lashes outline the rims of  her closed eyes . Blind to the lingering shadows behind her,  she  sits at the table.

The shadow lifts to reveal a hand. Dragging a trail of slime, a slug appears within the palm of this hand. It drops and rests on her shoulder.  Hollow eyes peer out from the darkness. It’s Pyron.

As the sun sinks below the horizon, I know I was here before. I follow the shoreline and see bright pools of  fire burning against the  surface of the calm ocean. The flames flicker,  rise and send trails of smoke spiraling up to meet the night sky.

I  turn and  leave my paradise in ruins.

-By Nikita King

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