Finding Liquid Soul (1)

Dream record of an elusive dream figure

 October, 2009

(Non-lucid dream recording)

A swirl of wind sweeps through the air and leads me through the shadows. I look over my shoulder  and see the night air thickening. It forms a black border framing  empty space. With each step, I feel the darkness lift and enclose behind me. The breeze pulls backward and  drags a sigh past me.

A soft whistle  spins in the air before the breath of the breeze exhales.  It  pushes against me, swoops up far above my head , and sends a hush into a blurry round light.

I stand still and focus.

I see a full moon shining bright against a bare night sky. It casts a beam of silver light into the dark. Up ahead, I see faint trails of white light rippling along the currents of a lake. The dark waters of the lake seem to stretch far beyond view. A faint rustle stirs somewhere near . I  turn right and stare into the jagged shadows of tall grass.  I push past thick bushes and step closer to the lake shore.

 My  gaze follows the light of the moon and searches the silver lined shore.  A dim outline of three dark hooded figures focus into view . The three hooded figures stand with their backs to me. They seem transfixed on the lake in front of them. The more I try and creep closer, the more their image blurs.

My gaze falls to the ground.

The rhythmic breathing of the air vanishes and  my feet are rooted to the ground.  One dark hooded figure nods to the other two before they turn to face me.

I squint and stare hard. Behind the hood appears nothing but deep dark space. I breathe in deeply and wait for a face, voice or sign to appear.

I blink and blink and blink.

One hooded figure steps back in line with the other two.  Their hoods  slowly fold  over as their robes  begin to lose shape before falling to the ground.  Three empty robes lie still on the ground. I take heavy steps past the fallen robes and face the quiet waters.

As I stare into the reflection of the moon shimmering over dark waters, I feel like a ghost in my own world.

– Nikita King

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