Sid Prince on Dreams

A world full of zombies is like a colourless dream – ghostly and forgotten. Zombies don’t  think, feel or dream.  Broken and hollow-eyed, they consume and follow. As they grow in numbers, they  want more.

No zombie movie is more horrific than the mindless  masses we encounter daily.  Like an infection that rots individuality, many societal zombies infect our media and mental life.

“There are religious zombies, political zombies, fashion zombies, fast-food zombies and scientific zombies. It’s a battle for the state of your mind.” shares Sid Prince – the producer of a thought-provoking video entitled “Zombies of Society.”

Sleepwalking through life is something we’ve all done – at some point, whether we remember it or not.

Sid Prince describes himself as a teacher, researcher and creative thinker. He sees the teacher in every student, the meaning in the spiral of a flower, and the collective creativity in all.

His other productions share findings on ancient civilizations, the power of imagination, and problems with the current system of education. One of his most popular video entitled “Secret Teachings Of Plants” reminds us to respect nature and develop real meaningful relationships with other life forms.

” The perceptions of the heart far surpasses the linearity of language,” he states.  Though all the colours of our inner and outer world can’t always be seen, Sid reminds all his students that unseen colours can always be felt.

In a world full of hidden wisdom, Sid shared a few thoughts on the topic of dreams:

On dream journals: Wow, I think it’s so insightful to  keep dream journals. I have about 50 or more that I wrote down from many different points in my memories.

On Dream Interpretation: I once talked with a speaker that was really good at interpreting dreams. She let me know how important it was to make my own dream dictionary. She said that if horses scared her and didn’t scare me then I would get an inaccurate definition through a dream dictionary written by her.

Dream recording tips: To add more, the speaker really emphasized on how wise it would be to write, interpret, and re-journal dreams and events that may correlate in waking life. So it’s a good idea to record your life events next to your dream recordings for future analysis.

Book recommendations:  Another great thought you stirred up was a book called, “Healing Dreams” by Marc Ian Barasch. It taught me so much about dreams , dreaming for others, premonition dreaming and even more about reading them. That book is a must read, and I’m not sure about how much I can emphasize on this book if you’re into dreams. Though “The Secret History Of Dreams” by Robert Moss is another great teaching as well.

Special thanks: “Knowledge is Power,” is a quote Sid always reminds us of. His depths of wisdom and tireless search for truth has taught me and other free-thinkers that the sharing of knowledge is even more powerful. Thank you for always encouraging that in all of us!

–  Nikita King


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