For a long time, dreaming  was a drug that kept me sane.  Its shape shifting form  was enough to whisk my emotions away from any worldly chaos. When I woke, I remembered all that I tried to avoid.There’s loss of connection with each other, the earth and ourselves.  With all the pollution, ongoing wars and politics, there’s poison in our ways and loss of ways. Yet, we remain seated on the Ferris Wheel of routine stuck on repeat.

Even when the lights go out and we assure children that there’s no such thing as monsters – money circulates and a life cycle of competition continues. Surely, there must be more to life than this. Dreaming was my portal beyond the universe where I didn’t have to feel.

It was my escape.

Sometimes it’s a hard hit to take when a dream falls  and the buzzing of an alarm clock  kicks in reality. That was then –  until one unexpected day, a particular dream woke me from a deep sleep.

In the month of February 2009, I had a dream of an elusive figure. This dream figure is called Liquid Soul and the dream unfolded as follows:

Liquid Soul, a green hooded figure, stood under a beam of light against dark infinite space.  Deep within the green shadows of the hood, a crystal light sparkled. Light reflected off a liquid sculpted face that hid behind the hood.  The liquid skin was clear , smooth – yet strangely still. Its shiny visage resembled thick translucent gel that traced along carved facial features. An edge of the liquid lips curved upward and forced  a water ripple.  Liquid marble forming the pupils absorbed my reflection and held my gaze.  Liquid thickened ,  flowed over the translucent eyes and  dripped.

I blinked. I woke to the sound of light rain drops tapping against the window .

Before I could make anything of it, Liquid Soul soon became a re-occurring dream figure in later dreams. It was then that I began recording my dreams every night in an attempt to piece together any clues or trails about the meaning of Liquid Soul. Several of these dream searches for  Liquid Soul are recorded under the “My Dream Records” tab of this blog.

I grew interested to know what Liquid Soul represented, why Liquid Soul kept appearing and what it all meant. After about two years of dream recording, I started developing my abilities to become lucid or consciously aware that I was dreaming.  In these lucid dreams , I knew I was in a dream and then attempted to consciously explore my dreams for more clues about this repeated dream figure.

All these searches lead to empty failures and I still found no answers.

In my advanced lucid dreaming state, I was able to manipulate the imagery of my dreams but as much as I tried, I couldn’t make Liquid Soul reappear. After months of failure, I still  continued to record my dreams everyday.

To further my exploration, I read books on dream interpretation and began to brain storm ideas and images to practice interpreting my dreams. As dreams help uncover so much  of our growth potential, many books on dream interpretation encourage research outside your  realm of knowledge to help brain storm ideas you weren’t previously conscious of. With this in mind, I further reflected upon the water figure of Liquid Soul and decided to research the imagery of water.

My search lead me to read the works by Dr. Masaru Emoto – a Japanese scientist, author and water researcher. Based on his New York Times Best Selling book – The Hidden Messages in Water, his findings on the unique properties of water claims that human consciousness can effect the molecular structure of water.

According to Dr. Emoto’s research, water is like a mirror that morphs – it can  reflect deep messages and has the ability to store memory.


From this I  further pondered the  interpretation of Liquid Soul  as a reflection of myself. With eyes like liquid mirrors, Liquid Soul seemed to reflect my deep curiosity of who I was. The  hood  that Liquid Soul hides behind seemed psychologically connected with my hidden true self .

I thought I discovered it all as a recognition of my loss of self-identity in this modern world of wealth, power and status.

It was after this realization when things got stranger.

Upon this realization,  Liquid Soul unexpectedly returned to my dreams. In the dream, Liquid Soul spoke for the first time.

“There’s more behind all this,” a voice calm and melodic answered.

As I became lucid in the dream, I felt a rush of questions and I tried to speak. No sound followed. Liquid Soul  stood strong against my struggle to speak . A slow  knowing smile rippled across its liquid face.  I cursed inside thinking that I should have control over everything – including my ability to speak in any lucid dream. After all, it was MY lucid dream.That’s when I learnt that we don’t always have control over our own dreams.

When the need to control everything lets go – we listen , and something greater behind the dream responds to the waking mind.Mysteriously, I felt that some higher extension of my mind further contributed to the inner-workings of these dreams and the appearance of dream figures.

A dream appears to have a higher living essence of its own.

Further research lead me to the works of  Carl Jung – a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst who founded analytical psychology. His theory on the collective unconscious was most intriguing. From this, it seems that my mind was  just a small part connected to the greater network of collective minds.

Like little windows into the greater unknown, our dreams seem to help bridge our conscious with the unconscious and ultimately, a deeper connection to ourselves and others.

These days my dreams are more vivid, intricate and alive.  I realize that the dreams provides so much personal meaning than life on autopilot can give.

 I highly recommend dream analysis to anyone who is searching for  other personalized ways to discover inner clarity, higher thinking and spreading of  personal empowerment. Rationality, science and religion provide methods that don’t always reveal the art to experience the  vulnerability  and infinite journey within.

We all want answers to who we are.

There is no real rule book when it comes to explaining the depth of dreams.    The language of dreams defies definitions and speaks over logic. When the meaning of dreams  loses itself down the rabbit hole of  interpretation,  higher awareness takes you deeper. It’s that kind of feeling I get when I take flight in my dreams and soar out into space.

In that moment of dreaming , the mind runs free.

Thank you to fellow dreamers exploring my dream blog! If you would like to ask any questions on dreaming or share your own personal dream recordings , I would be happy to share my awe and opinions with you at:   nikita.king@utoronto.ca

-By Nikita King






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