Tanya’s Story


“I call her ‘The Lady’,” explains Tanya. “At the same time, I don’t really want to define her.  In my dreams, her form can change. But her presence always feels the same.”

In the waking world, Tanya describes her recognition of “The Lady” as a lingering dark feeling.  It casts a shadow over Tanya’s mind and manifests as dark figures in her dreams. They are the different faces of “The Lady.”

“It’s strange, but even during moments of great real life success – it’s like, I can feel her dark presence stronger than ever,” Tanya says. ” I know it’s ‘The Lady’  when I feel the vibe.  Even in my dreams, it feels like losing control – like a possession of some sort,” she adds.

It’s a fascinating contrast like the opposite mirror reflection staring back into the eyes of the same person.  A person can look happy only to feel completely on the flip-side.  A dark presence may in part reflect an extension of our own making, however; the depth of a mind is deep enough for the possible and impossible to further re-create.

The dark  may create an unsettling vibe as its veil can intensify any pain, fears or abuse it hides.   Whatever form or shape ‘The Lady’ chooses, Tanya continues to move forward allowing her true self to lead.   Whether the dark presence is an extension of Tanya or perhaps an energy she attracts, it seems clear in waking and dream life that Tanya is always ready to embrace  “The Lady”.

Tanya Williams , a young professional, currently  works as  an ambitious, creative and multi-talented individual. Aside from working as an Executor’s Assistant, she also owns her own car business called Boost Theory. She has a strong passion for fast cars, beauty and art.  In other words, she could easily entertain  by fixing any beat up car while still looking like a million dollars. The lovely Miss Williams kindly took the time to share her thoughts and dream experiences with me.

1. QUESTION : How would you rate your ability to recall your dreams?

ANSWER : I remember my dreams 80%- 90% of the time. This may have something to do with my creative side. My  dreams are usually very vivid and so that’s why I am able to remember most of it.

2. QUESTION:  Wow, that’s really impressive! Could you describe some of these vivid dream experiences?

ANSWER:  Well, I noticed that I usually have 2 or 3 dreams blended into 1 dream. Some really odd ones include dreams of walking around naked. Um … also, when I was young I would dream of  going to the washroom thinking it was uh…real.

3. QUESTION: Well, good to know I wasn’t the only one who got tricked into that one! When you’re conscious in your dreams, what do you like to do?

ANSWER: I like to observe.

4. QUESTION: What do dreams mean to you?

ANSWER: I think it’s a place for the imagination to take control. Dreams are like thoughts – random and seem to reflect a collection of energy manifestations. I don’t think there’s a point in feeling lost about dreams. I see it as a way to define my own pathway.

5. QUESTION: Have you ever had any reoccurring dreams?

ANSWER: No, it’s weird but I do have a reoccurring dream presence. I call her The Lady.  I don’t really want to define her because her form can change. Her presence always feels the same, it’s like some kind of evil possession. I remember one dream of The Lady strapped to an operating table. She seemed rabies infested. Her movements were erratic and wild as she tried to fight to break free. She managed to rip through the straps and lunged toward this doctor in a white lab coat.  The Lady’s mouth widened, she sunk her teeth into the doctor and tore through his flesh. She just devoured him right then and there. Right after that, she mentioned some word that sounded like “anabolic” and soon after she appeared to be in a state of peaceful pleasure.

During the interview, Tanya shared the following dream recording:

I am standing in the middle of my bedroom. It is dark. My eyes search the dark and  I notice a slit of light filtering through the crack  of an open door. I  grab the door knob and step into dim light. I follow the eerie passageway into a washroom.

I see my mother standing on the tiled floor.

Something bulky stirs inside the bathtub. At first I just see long dark hair falling over a white dress. It is a young girl standing up from the bathtub. Her hair is wet and hangs lifelessly over a white Victorian night gown. She lifts her foot over the edge of the bathtub and staggers toward my mother.  It reminded me a little bit of that movie The Ring. My instincts kick in and I yell at the young girl to take me instead. She falls into my arms and grips me hard. I hug the young girl. I feel  her tense body soften and relax. She lets go and walks as if sailing through air. She floats towards my brother’s room.

There is a space in the wall that’s between a Mother Mary statue and my brother’s bed.  She chooses this space.

Without looking back, she walks through the wall and leaves.

Special thanks: I would like to thank Tanya for sharing her personal stories and experiences with me. I deeply appreciated the opportunity to connect with her on such an abstract topic.  I believe her tough past and flourishing future speak  wonders of her perceptive eye for seeing beauty, strength and hope in  some of the darkest corners of life. Thank you Tanya!

-By Nikita King

Photo credit/Tanya Williams

Photo credit/ Tanya Williams
Tanya Williams and her legendary dog, Master T.












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